• Measure your engine horsepower and torque before and after tuning

    Make your own dyno test with your smartphone, at anytime, and compare performance parts effectiveness.

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  • Make your own tests with your smartphone, at anytime

    A real dyno in your pocket

    2% accuracy

    Hundreds of users have compared PerfExpert with chassis dynos, showing great results accuracy and consistency across different days and conditions.

    Compare tuning results

    By overlaying multiple results on the same graph you have pertinent insights about which tuning or performance parts provide best results.

    Share with friends easily

    Share your results dyno graph, tuning setup and test conditions in one click on any social network.

  • They tested and approved it

    You too, perform your own dyno test with your Android and iOS device

    So far so good

    So far it's awesome. Let me get some more runs.


    Christian Vanegas

    Best dyno app

    Very accurate dyno and

    timed run 


    Matt Blake


    The results are spot on, very impressive for "only" an app compared to a rolling road.


    Tom Gijsbers

  • How It Works ?

    It's simple

    1. Create your car profile

    Describe your car to PerfExpert by providing information such as curb weight, tire sizes or engine displacement.

    2. Mount your phone in your car

    No need to connect your phone to your car. With your phone firmly mounted inside your car, PerfExpert can rely on your phone's sensors to measure the real acceleration of your car.

    3. Accelerate through the entire rev range

    Find a flat, straight road with no traffic and perform an acceleration from low rev to the rev limiter, holding the same gear : that's it!

  • See it in action

    Performing tests with PerfExpert is fast and easy to achieve

    PerfExpert dyno test procedure on 2nd gear

    1. Stop the car and put 1st gear
    2. Press START and wait the "GO" message
    3. Launch the car slowly and put 2nd gear
    4. Put full throttle when under 2000rpm, up to the rev limiter
    5. At the rev limiter, stop accelerate
    6. Let the car slow down
  • Don't wait to test your engine

    Use your Android or iOS device to compare tuning effectiveness

    Get PerfExpert on Apple App Store
    Get PerfExpert on Google Play Store
  • Any question ?

    Feel free to contact us!

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